Nancy Major is an award-winning nonprofit and business executive with more than thirty years of professional experience. Her primary area of expertise has been working with nonprofit organizations that provide services for vulnerable populations of children and child abuse prevention causes. What sets Nancy apart is the depth and breadth of her compassion for those who have been wounded. Many know her as a fierce advocate for those without a voice.

She is a dynamic speaker and has presented keynotes at numerous national, state, and local conferences, along with being featured on many TV, radio and podcast programs. Her passionate, bold storytelling has been honed over three decades of working with causes near and dear to her heart.

In the spring of 2022, Nancy heard God speak directly to her heart. He called her to share her deeply personal and courageous story so that others might be set free from the bondage of shame that kept her in a silent prison for many, many years. A Wretch Like Me; A Modern-Day Mary Magdalene, Saved by Grace is Nancy’s first journey outside of her comfort zone. She is embarking on a new path as an author and establishing a Christian coaching practice to help others heal from sexual shame and trauma through faith-based, practical tools that she has learned through her own healing and recovery process.

Nancy often jokingly refers to her colorful life as one that might lead others to think she was either in the witness protection program or running from the law. She has been known by many last names and has moved more times than the post office can keep up with! No matter how far she tried to run or how deep the pit, her identity was always known to God. Ironically, the very meaning of her name in Hebrew is “grace”. Today, Nancy is a wife of eleven years, a mother, stepmom, mother-in-law, and grandmother to six beloved and cherished cutie pies. She and her husband, Jesse, live in southeastern Wisconsin with their two silly pooches, Lulu Bell and Jilly Bean.